AC Technician jobs in Dubai 

AC Technician jobs in Dubai 

Dubai is located in Gulf region and its climate is very hot and humid the temperature in summer is normally over 45°C, but once it was recorded 51.1°C. So this part of the world is so hot that no one can live without any air-condition facility that is why Dubai all buildings, shops, shopping malls, offices are all equipped with air-conditioned facility. Air-condition is more demanded product and similarly the air-conditioned installer, technicians are also demanded from all over the world. The air-condition technicians are mostly hired for preventive maintenance and installation in different buildings and homes. Dubai always tries to hire more skilled and experience air-conditioned technicians from other countries of the world. Dubai air-conditioned technicians are inducted for installation, maintenance and repairing this accessory. Dubai air-conditioned technicians are inducted through tests, interviews and alway tries to hire most experienced person from applicant. It is also necessary for the air-conditioned technicians that he has knowledge and awareness of both central and split AC. There are some responsibility other than the repairing and installation of air-conditioned just as dysfunctional and maintenance of different equipment. Moreover, it is also vital for the air conditioned technician that he must have good communication skills.

How to apply AC technician jobs in Dubai

Dubai always hires skilled, experience and more knowledgeable person in any field and pay more than any other country. Similarly Dubai companies and individual also induct best available experienced AC technicians from other countries of the world and for this Dubai companies and firms advertised all their vacant positions in leading news papers. Mostly these AC technician jobs in Dubai are published in both Arabic and English news papers along with detail job description. However, some multinational companies also announced these vacant positions for AC technician jobs in Dubai through online websites. Applicant for these AC technician jobs in Dubai can apply online or through postal service and both the way requires attested copies of documents along with application. In case of online application the applicant can use given application format and apply online. Similarly in same cases these AC technician jobs are filled through local recruiting agencies under the strict supervision of experienced executives from Dubai. It is important that Dubai AC technician jobs always filled with most experienced, skilled and knowledge able person. AC technician jobs in Dubai pay handsome amount of salary included other facilities like accommodation and food.

Dubai AC technician jobs required documents.

AC technician jobs are very technical and that is why these jobs demand more skilled and experienced technicians from other part of the world or from within the Emirate. Most of the time companies and firms demands 3-5 years experience in same field of air conditioned maintenance or repairing. Technicians must be aware about various types of air-conditioned and cooling mechanism. Must be, awarded any difficult situation and breakdown. Usually, firms and companies hire diploma holder in this relevant field and has knowledge about both central and split AC. The applicant must have good communication skills in English. However, there are few common documents required from all applicants applying for these vacant AC technician jobs in Dubai.

1. Valid job offer letter from Dubai firm or company or individual.
2. Valid passport of applicant have at least two blank pages.
3. Attested copies of all academic documents.
4. Fresh curriculum vitae have detail about the applicant.
5. Recent color passport sized photographs of candidate.
6. Attested copies of revel event diploma and experience certificate.
7. Proof of nationality in the form of national identity card from native country.
8. Medical fitness certificate from a recognized hospital or clinic.