Air hostess jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Air hostess jobs in Saudi Arabia 
Traveling in these days become more easy and comfortable due to airlines. Airlines of every country are competing with each other. Saudi Arabia airline is also a classic airline world over and it is operating about all parts of the world. This airline is upgrading its facilities and services with the passage of time. Saudi Arabian airline is included top ranked airlines of the world. Saudi Arabian airline hire and appoint best available staff for its airlines. Similarly Saudi Arabian airline hire air hostesses after a series of tests and interviews. Moreover, it also prefers those applicants which have more qualification. Saudi Arabian air hostess jobs are usually advertised in daily top class news papers in Arabic and English. Air hostess’s selection is tough because there are different conditions which must be considered during selection of air hostess for Saudi Arabia airline. Usually Saudi Arabian airline takes air hostess which age is between 20-30 years and the qualification, which is required for this air hostess job is at least secondary school certificate or O level. However, it is compulsory for air hostess that she can speak English fluently along with her native language. Saudi Arabia mostly prefer fresh candidate for the position of air hostess, but if someone has an experience that may be a plus point. However, Saudi Arabia airline provide necessary training to become a fully fledged flight attendant. Air hostess jobs in Saudi Arabian airline are amazing and outstanding because Saudi airline offer fine class salary package along other benefits.


How to apply air hostess jobs in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian airline advertised its all vacant position in leading Arabic and English news papers. Similarly Saudi Arabian airline website also announced these jobs in their website. They also provide an option for applicant that they can apply online by simply using given application format. The applicant who has applied this vacant position about six months prior and her application can be entertained as active application. Application for Saudi Arabian airlines can be dispatched through postal service or by reliable courier service. The application, which is send through this way require hard copies of documents. It is also important that the documents must be attested. If an applicant applying for air hostess job online, then she requires soft copies of her documents. Air hostess jobs are filled after series of tests and interviews. Tests included general knowledge, physical appearance or height because air hostess requires between 160cm -176cm height. In case of experience air hostess the applicant maximum age should be 35 years.


Saudi Arabia air hostess jobs required documents.
Although the entry in this field is just through high school certification or O level education along with mentioned height that is between 160cm -176cm. While the age for this air hostess vacant position for Saudi Arabia is between 20-30 years. The selection of air hostess for Saudi airline is based on tests and interviews. After this selection the airline provides training and coaching. Initially applicant for air hostess job requires high school certification. There are few compulsory documents required from every candidate for this vacant air hostess jobs in Saudi Arabia.
1. Job offer letter from Saudi Arabian airline that describes detail of job, salary package etc.
2. Valid passport of applicant applying for this air hostess job.

  1. Attested copies of documents included academic papers.
    4. Proof of nationality in the form of national identity card.
    5. Detail curriculum vitae of applicant providing basic information about applicant.
    6. Recent passport size color photographs of applicant.
    7. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized hospital or doctor.