Cooking jobs in Saudi Arabia

Cooking jobs in Saudi Arabia
Food and shelter is the basic necessity of every human being and all over the world people mange their food and homes. Although food is available from different hotels and resorts, but most amazing and healthy food is available only at homes. Hotels cook delicious foods under the tight supervision of head chief. Hotels and resorts hire the best quality and experienced chief, which are experts in different foods and dishes like Indian, Arabic, continental and Chinese. Saudi Arabia has a number of nationalities from different part of the world and all these people or families want to eat their native foods. That is why they advertise cook or chief jobs in local news papers. Similarly hotels and restaurants also advertise for the same vacant position. House cook selection is totally based on the desire of the family and similarly they make an agreement with the cook. Hotels and top class restaurants advertise their vacant position in leading news papers and take tests and interview along with demonstration or trial. Most of the time hotel demands specific chefs which are experts in different dishes like Indian, Chinese and continental. House cook is totally depending upon the family and make foods or dishes according to the desire of family. Mostly families hire cook from their native country because he knows the dishes of that particular country.

How to apply cooking jobs in Saudi Arabia

House cook or hotel chefs job in Saudi Arabia are published in famous Arabic and English news papers with little description. If an individual or family in Saudi Arabia advertises a cook job then it just provides its contact number and in this way the interested cook or chief contact the employer on given members and settle the deals. If hotels advertise their vacant chief position in news papers or online through their website then they receive application from applicant which may be within country or outside the country. Applicant can apply online for the vacant position by using provided applicant format, but candidate for these jobs also send their application through postal service or by courier service. In case an applicant applies through postal service, then he must attach attested copies of documents along with application. Usually cook gender should be male, but in some case just as in families they prefer a female chief and age must be 21 – 40 years old. However, these chiefs or cook vacant position both in homes or hotels filled with the help of local recruiting agencies.

Saudi Arabia cooking jobs required documents.

Saudi Arabia cooking jobs required documents. Chief or cook is nowadays is a very skilled and learned person, which knows best foods recipes, ingredients, calories and method of cooking. Mostly chief get it’s training from different institute. They learn different foods or dishes recipes just as local, Chinese, Indian, Arabic or continentals foods. Chefs are usually diploma holders in this field. Cooking jobs in Saudi Arabia requires at least high school certification and demands about two years experience. Similarly there are different types of diplomas in hotel management and cooking. Hotels and restaurants prefer skilled, qualified and experience chief. If a chief an extra qualification may prefer and offer more handsome salary package. However, a chief or cook must be equipped with at least high school certificate and cooking or chief certification. However, there are few common documents which are required for all applicants applying for these vacant cook or chief’s job.
1. A valid job offer letter from the Saudi Arabian employer or hotel management.
2. Applicant passport which must be valid for at least six months.
3. Attested copies of certificates or diplomas or other documents.
4. Fresh curriculum vitae that describe candidate basic information.