Electrician jobs in Dubai

Electrician jobs in Dubai

Dubai a new commercial hub in Gulf and it is most busy trading center in the world due to oil and gold business. The source, which is used for energy is oil or gas and both these sources are used to generate electricity. Electricity is the basic need and requirement for industries and households. Electricity maintenance and even supply depends upon the experienced and skilled electricians. All electricians which are working in Dubai are hired from other countries of the world. Electrician is responsible for even and continuous supply of electricity in any housing society, factory or firms. So electrician requires all places where electricity exists. Dubai Electrician jobs are very attractive because these jobs pay more salary and other facilities, but the selection criteria for electrician jobs in Dubai are tough. Dubai management always tries to induct most experienced and skilled electrician to maintain electricity supply continuously. Electrician jobs are filled with electricians having knowledge of the tools, equipment, and materials. Who knows electrical application for high and low voltage electric system. Electrician must be aware about in the fixing, restore and maintenance of all types of electrical method tools and apparatus. The main duties of electricians in Dubai are to set up, test, and carry on electrical or electronic wiring, tools, application, equipment, and fittings, using manual tools and power tools.

How to apply electrician jobs in Dubai

Electrician jobs in Dubai are usually advertised and announced in daily Arabic and English news papers. However, some jobs providing companies and forms also announced these vacant positions online and they also provide facility to apply online by using online application layout. There is an option online that an applicant can upload soft copies of his documents. Similarly the candidate for these vacant electricians jobs from other part of the world also apply through ordinary postal service by attaching hard attested copies of documents along with handwritten application and curriculum vitae. Most of the time in third world countries the executive of electrical firms and companies visit the countries and hire top class experienced electrician by themselves thorough test and interviews. They also check the electricians through demonstration or through an assignment. It does not matter what is the way of selection electricians from the world, but most importantly it is the selection of most skilled, experienced and knowledgeable person among applicants.

Dubai electrician jobs required documents.

The job of electrician is technical and important that the companies and firms always try to induct best skilled, experienced and qualified individuals from the applicant. There are different categories in electricians and in some case they hire only graduate in same capacity and in some case they only hire diploma holders. However, mostly the electrical companies appoint individuals having one to five year experience. It is also important that applicant can communicate in English and knows write or read English statement. It is also vital that the applicant can test, fit, maintain electrical appliance, apparatus and handle different electrical tools. Companies prefer diploma holders, experience in LV / HV / Motors control panels wiring. Dubai electrician’s job is filed through qualified and experienced person and prefers to hire those candidates, which have the same qualification from recognized institutions. There are few common documents required from each and every applicant applying for electrician jobs in Dubai.
1. Job offer letter from the Dubai employer or firm.
2. Valid passport of applicant which must have at least two blank pages.
3. Attested copies of all documents like degree, certificate, diploma etc.
4. Fresh curriculum vitae of applicant, which provides basic information about applicant.
5. Recent passport sized color photographs of applicant.
6. Ex-employer clearance certificate or no objection certificate.
7. Medical fitness certificate from registered hospital or doctor.