Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada

Canada is located in North America and it is financially well-developed country. This country is full of natural resources and living standard in this part of the world are fantastic. This country provides best working environment and fantastic educational institutes. Canada welcome thousands of immigrants each year and offer citizenship or nationality. Canadian federal and provincial governments regularly updating their immigration programs and facilitate the applicants from other countries of the world. At the moment Canada has about 60 different immigration programs for the immigrants. Immigration program are designed according to the professionals and workers categories. The most popular programs are Federal and Quebec skilled worker programs, the Provincial nominee programs, the Canadian experience class, the Quebec experience class, and the federal self-employed program. Similarly there are some family class sponsorship programs.

Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

This immigration program is specifically designed for the individuals who have skilled and can enhance the Canadian economy. The qualified individuals will be title for permanent resident visa that permit other family member to immigrate to Canada. Applicant who are professional or skilled can apply for Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Class or provincial nominee programs. The followings are few classes, which comes under this Canada skilled worker immigration.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker
    This program is for those applicants who have work experience and can live in any province or territory other than Quebec.
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker
    This program is for those applicants who have a plan to live in this province of Quebec.
  3. Provincial Nominee Programs
    Each province or territory has its own skilled worker programs for those who want to live in that particular province.Investors class immigration

The Canadian federal and provincial governments offer immigration to business individuals. This program offers the immigration to those applicants who can contribute to the Canadian economy. The businessmen or capitalists who has businesses skills and enough money to establish a business in this country. Moreover, these businessmen will offer some jobs to the national of this country and in this way they play a positive role in the Canadian economy enhancement.

Family class sponsorship

There are a lot of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to invite their relatives to Canada. The Canadian government launch an immigration program for these just as Family Class Sponsorship. This immigration program facilitate many relationships like spouses and common-law partners, parents and grandparents, dependent children.

Quebec Experience Class

The Quebec Experience Class is divided into two categories like one for foreign students and other for individual having experience in Quebec. Those applicants who have relevant experience in Quebec can apply through Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Canada immigration skilled worker program is based on points system, this program system is divided in different categories. These points are distributed in age, qualification ,experience, nationality, language proficiency, etc. The applicant for immigration visa program will fill out the relevant application form and attach all related documents with this application and submit it to Canadian embassy along with visa processing fee. The embassy visa officer will decide about the immigration after checking all documents and eligibility. This process will take some time and an interview also conducted by the embassy. All immigration program to Canada require some basic documents from all immigrants just as.

  1. Applicant valid passport and its validity must be at least six months.
    2. Attested copies of all academic and other documents.
    3. Recent passport sized color photographs of the immigrant.
    4. Relevant experience certificate from the ex-employer.
    5. English language certificate like IELTS.
    6. Medical clearance certificate from nominated hospital.
    7. Police security clearance certificate from the native country of the applicant.
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