Immigration to Australia 

Immigration to Australia 

Australia is now become the top destination in the world. This country provides an outstanding living and working environment. This country is more beneficial for those immigrants who come with a special skill. The immigration to this country is based on points and this country has huge chances of employment as compare to other countries of the world. The point based immigration system of Australia indicate the eligibility of the applicant and it is comprises on age, language proficiency, work experience, education, etc. Australia welcome thousands of immigrants each year because of employees shortage in different industries. However, this country is more suitable for the skilled workers from all over the world. This country encourages intelligent young workers from other parts of the world. This country provides facilities to new immigrant to work, live and get permanent citizenship. Australia is most ideal country for Permanent Residency (PR) Visa. This country has different types of permanent residency Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa and Skilled Nominated or Sponsored.

Skilled Independent (Subclass 189)

This immigration visa category is designed for the skilled and experience individuals, while they do not have any sponsor in Australia. Moreover, this experience or skill of the worker would be beneficial for Australia. All these individuals can apply under this immigration category. It is also necessary for the applicant that they must be cleared point base test and these points are divided in different categories like skill, age, English language ability, specific work experience, qualifications and spouse skills. The language just as English proficiency and special experience would be beneficial for this. This category demands at least 60 points and it permits the visa holder to live and work in any part of the Australia.

Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190)

This immigration category for permanent residency is also for the highly skilled and experienced applicants. It is necessary for the applicant that he must fulfill all the basic requirements for this visa along with clear point base test. In this immigration visa the applicant require a sponsor letter from the Australian State or Territory Government agency. This immigration category requires at least 60 points and nomination from a state or territory government.

Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (subclass 489)

This visa category is a temporary residency visa that can change into permanent residency. This category of visa also demands to clear the points based test. Here, the applicant can score an extra points if an applicant is sponsored by the close relative or nominated by a State or Territory government agency.

How to apply Australian immigration

In case applicant case is approved then applicant can apply for required visa. After, arrangements of all required documents and selection of skill. Submit all the relevant documents, form and wait for the response from authorities. Applicant can submit his application form and relevant documents within 60 days after receiving invitation receipt. It is also necessary that the applicant must pay the visa processing fee.

Australian immigration basic requirements

Australia immigration visa requires some basic and fundamental documents from all applicant who are applying in any immigration category. 1. Applicant must have a valid passport and its validity must be at least six months.1. Applicant must be less than 50 years of age at the time of application.2. Applicant must have fluency in English .3. Applicant qualification should be according to the requirement and skill will be checked by the relevant assessing authority in Australia.4. Select occupation in which you have skill and it should be included in Skilled Occupations List.5. Applicant must be in good physical condition and will clear medical examination from the recommended hospital.6. Police security clearance certificate from the applicant native country.