Immigration to Sri lanka 

Immigration to Sri lanka 

Sri Lanka is a small island, which is located in southern Asia. This country is full of natural resources and agriculture land. Sri Lanka has an outstanding beaches which catches the attraction of foreign tourists from all over the world. This country exports seafood to other parts of the world. There are two common languages which are spoken in this country are Sinhala and Tamil. Sri Lanka has a strict policy regarding immigration or citizenship. This country does not allow the individuals permanently, but for this the individual initially get Residence Visa like a non-citizen and then can get nationality in this country. In March 2015, the Immigration Department re-opened the Dual Citizenship after a period of banned. The citizenship of this country is based on different categories like age, professional or academic qualifications, asset ownership, investment.

A Residence visa is a legal document for non native Sri Lankan to the benefit of this country like job, study, living with Sri Lankan spouse involving in voluntary activities. However, some time the stay of foreign individuals may extend because of their investment in this country and they are more beneficial for the economy of this country. This residence visa is not a first step to enter in this country, but initially visitors visit this country on an Entry Visa concerned by a Sri Lanka Overseas Mission abroad with the contract of the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration. It is necessary at the time of getting entry visa to Sri Lanka that you will apply for residence visa and provide required documents. This is vital to understand that the visit visa would not be changed into Residence Visas.

Residence visas are different according to need and class.

The following individuals from other countries can apply residence visa for Sri Lanks. Emigrants who are interested in projects or companies which run under Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka and their dependant. Emigrants and their Dependants who provide services to those projects which are sanctioned by the state. Foreigners who offer the services to Private recognized organization. National of other countries who serve in banks and religion person and religious student. International students studying in universities and other educational institutes recognized by the government. Spouses of Sri Lankans and their dependants and volunteers. Those employees who are linked with Non governmental Organizations (NGO). Sri Lankan kids born in other country, but have foreign nationality.

The most simple way to get the residence visa in Sri Lanka is only through the employer which had sponsor you and the company is approved by Board of Investment. While the other method is if the applicant is a part of an international organization. Similarly if the applicant is a hard and potential worker. Dream Home visa scheme is also a way to get a prolong stay in Sri Lanka along with Dependant and spouse. In this case, the foreign applicant must be over 55 years of age and can remit US$15000 or the equivalent and monthly remittance of US$ 1500 and US$ 750 for each spouse and dependent children. The Resident Guest Scheme is valid for all emigrants who can contribute in the economy of this country, but the applicant must be professional or investor, but this visa is valid for five years. The holder of this visa can bring his family to Sri Lanka.

All these immigration ways demand some basic requirements from the immigrant and he/she must fulfill all the basic requirements for this immigration.

  1. Applicant must have a valid passport and it has at least six months validity.
    2. Attested copies of all academic documents.
    3. Recent passport sized color photographs of all applicant.
    4. Document that proves your financial condition like bank statement or other assets record.