Immigration UK 

Immigration UK 

United kingdom is the ideal and most demanded destination of the immigrants who want to work and live in this country. The immigration flows is limited in between the 2008 to 2010 due to internal policies of the country. The UK government changes different rules since 2010 and according to new immigration laws that contain the immigrant to the United kingdom, specifically from outside the EEA. There are various types of immigration criteria through which an immigrant can reach in the UK. England or the UK contains five major tier visa system just as Tier 1 Highly skilled visa, Tier 2 work permits, Tier 3 temporary work permits, Tier 4 Student visa or student visa UK Tier 5 UK work visas.

Tier 1 Highly skilled visa

This visa is designed for the skilled experts who want to work for extended period without any specific time as a worker, self-employed individual or in other business opportunities. This visa does not demand any job offer from England, but it requires at least graduation qualification along with other requirements like age, experience, language proficiency and have enough funds to settle in the UK. This visa facility is officially closed on 6, April 2011 and that is why the majority of the applicant apply on Tier 2 work permits.

Tier 2 work permits

The Tier 2 work permit system switch over the traditional work permit system. This Tier 2 work permits is for those applicant or employees who want to fill the vacant position in England, which is not filled by the national of this country. Moreover, the employee also have a sponsor letter from the licensed the UK employer. It is important that the employee indicate that this business is legal and he genuinely requires this employee to fill the vacant position. It is also necessary that the employee is skilled and have a required qualification and pass the Tier 2 points test. In this case, the employer advertises vacant position nationally and if nobody is available to fill this vacant position, then it is offered to oversea employee through sponsor letter. It is important and vital for the employer that he must have an Employer Sponsorship Licence. Tier 2 work permits is divided in to following four categories.

Skilled worker

This Tier 2 skilled worker category is designed for the employees who have skilled job offer from England. This job is only for the temporary basis to fill the labor market gap.

Intra-company transfer

This visa is designed for the intra-company transfer type and under this category the employee is transferred to England from their company.

Sports people

This visa category is specifically designed for the sports related individuals like professional athletes and coaches.

Minister of religion

This visa category is related to the individuals belong to religion.

Tier 3 temporary work permits

This visa is for the lower-skilled temporary workers to cover the labor shortage. This type of worker are required in construction jobs to fill the labor shortage gap.

Tier 4 Student visa or student visa UK

This visa category is awarded to foreign students who want to carry on their education in the UK universities, colleges or schools. This visa is issued instead of old the UK student visa. It is necessary that student must support himself without the support of public funds.

Tier 5 UK work visas

This visa is only for the temporary workers who want to visit this country for temporary work in the UK. Tier 5 temporary work visa candidate require a sponsor in categories like charity worker category, creative and sporting worker category, religious worker category, government exchange category and International agreement category. All these categories demands a sponsor letter before entering to the UK.