Laboratory technician jobs in Dubai 

Laboratory technician jobs in Dubai 

Dubai top trading city in the world and it is main Emirate in all seven Emirates. Dubai is famous all over the world due to oil production and export, but there are various others trading and business are also flourishing. There are hundreds of jobs which are available in Dubai in different sectors and most amazing and demanded job in Dubai is laboratory technician jobs in different categories. Laboratory technician jobs are divided into many categories like laboratories jobs in medical, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, biotechnology and other analysis laboratories. Laboratory technician jobs in Dubai are outstanding because it is highly paid jobs which also provide other facilities. Laboratory technician play an important role in manufacturing new products. Medical laboratories which are usually located in hospitals and clinic hire laboratory technician from other countries. Laboratory technician conduct different types of medical tests and analysis on the request of medical expert or medical doctor. Laboratory technician jobs in Dubai are very attractive according to financial point of view, but these jobs demand highly skilled and qualified person from registered institution. Besides these medical laboratories these are some other laboratories which are prevailing or working in industries for research. Laboratory technician jobs are amazing and work in a clean and calm environment. Moreover, these jobs have huge chance to promote himself in this field.

How to apply Laboratory technician jobs in Dubai

Laboratory technician jobs in Dubai are very technical and it requires most qualified and educated person. Similarly the Laboratory technician is equipped with relevant knowledge and techniques. Laboratory technician jobs are advertised online through hospital and industries websites. However, these Laboratory technician jobs also published in daily leading news papers both in Arabic and English. Online Laboratory technician jobs from hospitals or industries laboratories can be applied online by using application form or layout. This is a swift and save method of application and it does not cost any charges. Applicant or laboratory technicians can apply through postal service or courier service that requires an application with all academic documents. The postal service application requires attested copies of all certificates, diplomas or degrees. There is an option for laboratories technician job applicant that he/she can apply onlne through a given application format, but it requires soft copies of academic documents. Laboratories executive in Dubai receive all application online or through postal service and make a merit list according to qualification and experience. Dubai laboratories management hire only experienced and qualified individual in hospital and industries laboratories.

Dubai Laboratory technician jobs required documents.

Although these laboratory technicians job are very specific according to qualifications and specifications. Medical laboratories demands or requires laboratories certification or diploma. However, industries and research centers hire individuals which have related training or courses just as agriculture and chemical industries needs experts in agricultural and chemistry. Laboratory technician job always tries to appoint experience individuals which must have at least three to five year experience. Laboratory technician should be good in communication and can communicate in English. Laboratory technician courses are different in different categories like agricultural laboratories needs skilled person in agricultural areas while chemical industries hire only chemistry experts for their laboratories. There are few common documents which must be required from all applicants applying for laboratory technician jobs.

  1. Valid job offer letter from the Dubai employer, hospital or industry having full job description.
    2. Valid passport of applicant which has few blank pages.
    3. Recent passport sized color photographs of candidate.
    4. Curriculum vitae that provide details of applicant.
    5. Attested copies of all documents including certificate, diploma and degrees.
    6. Certification in laboratories technicians from recognized institute.
    7. Medical fitness certificate from Dubai hospital.
    8. NOC from ex employer.