New Zealand work visa

New Zealand work visa 

New Zealand is located in Continent Australia in southern Pacific Ocean and has two main islands. This country has amazing climate and clean environment. Moreover, it has an amazing beaches. This country has a huge number of chances for the foreign killed workers. The majority of worker get jobs in construction and medicine. There are various countries which do not require visa to enter in this country like Australia. New Zealand has different types of work visa like short-term working holiday visas through longer-lasting temporary work visas to permanent resident visas. This country always tries to hire skilled foreign workers from other parts of the world. New Zealand usually induct international skilled workers to fill the labor shortage in country, which is not filled by the national of this country. New Zealand works visa or permit allow the worker to live and work up to three years for particular company that sponsored employee.

There are two main types of work visa which are required to enter in this country to work and living just as skilled migrant category and

Skilled Migrant Category

This visa is specifically designed for the employee who has skills and experience for a particular job, which is required in New Zealand. Moreover, the applicant can also apply for a resident visa through this skilled migrant category visa. This skilled migrant category is totally based on points system and the points are divided into different categories like age, experience, qualification and job offer letter from the employer side. It is also important that the employee must be under 55 year or under than this. Similarly fulfill all basic requirements of English, health, and character. Initially assess your eligibility and calculate your points and if you score 160 points, then Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). This Expression of Interest can be sent through online. After this applicant will get an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Working holiday visa

There are various scheme about work visa just as working holiday visa. New Zealand made agreements with many countries under this scheme. The majority of the young people want to travel and work in this country because of its beauty. Each year hundreds of individuals apply for New Zealand working holiday visas and spend one or two in this country. This visa is awarded to individuals which have age between 18-30, but 18-35 for few countries. This work visa is valid for one year, but it is valid 23 months for England. Moreover, the applicant must have enough funds to spend holiday in this country while working is a second aim or object.

Family stream work visa

This work visa category provide temporary employment in New Zealand. New Zealand works visa permit the employee to enter in this country. In this category Australian worker do not require this visa to perform duties in this country.

New Zealand works visa demands some basic requirements from the employee or applicant who wants to serve in this country in different categories.

1. Employee must require a valid job offer letter from the approved New Zealand employer.
2. Applicant skill must be enlisted in occupation list and applicant must have qualification and experience.
3. New Zealand Immigration Authorities must approve job offer letter that there is no national of this country available to fill this position.
4. Valid passport of applicant which has at least six month validity.
5. Applicant must be in good health condition and good moral character.
6. Attested copies of all concerned documents of the applicant applying for New Zealand works visa.
7. Applicant also provide the security clearance certificate from the belonging country.