Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia 

Nursing is the most caring and curing profession in medical field. Nursing jobs are prevailing in all hospitals, private clinics and health centers. Nursing profession is common all over the world and this is very responsible and technical profession, which requires a prior training in nursing school or institute. Nursing jobs are also available in Saudi Arabia at different hospitals and clinics. Nurses perform their duties round the clock in all faculties of health even in operation theaters. Nursing care the patients after major or minor surgeries or they look after new natal and old people. Saudi Arabian hospitals and private clinics hire or select professional nurses from other countries of the world through a proper channel by using online website or print medium. Nurses after completing their schooling they take admission in nursing schools and after getting professional training they appointed in different hospitals. Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia are outstanding because the working environment in this country is classic and it provides chances of promotion within hospital. Nursing get many other basic benefits from their hospitals other than the salary just as free of cost accommodation, transportation and food. Saudi Arabian health department appoint nurses after tough tests and interviews. Moreover, experience is also a plus point at the time of appointment.

How to apply nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia are mostly advertised in daily news pagers in both English and Arabic. Similarly nursing jobs are also announced in websites of the hospitals or job providing websites. Nurses have an option of sending application to hospital or clinic through their postal address or online. Online application require soft copies of all documents related to nurse profession and academic qualification while the postal application needs attested copies of all documents including degree, certificate, diploma or other experience certificate. Similarly some time the Saudi Arabian hospital and clinic hire the nurses through local recruiting agencies. Local recruiting agencies advertise these jobs in local news papers and take tests and interviews under the supervision of the Saudi Arabian health executives or ministry. Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia is totally based on qualification and experience. It is necessary that the applicant must have a profession nursing certificate or diploma from a recognized institute. More it is also compulsory for Saudi Arabia that the nurse must be skilled and experienced. Nursing jobs are regularly announced or published in leading news papers.

Saudi Arabia nursing Jobs required documents.

Nursing is profession, which is very much related to education and professional qualification that is why nursing job requires nursing diploma from the applicant. Nursing diploma or certification is necessary for this job because on this base a nurse can apply abroad. Nursing diploma is issued from nursing school, which is stretched about three to four years. Nurses must have Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Moreover, nurse must have nursing license from native country. Experience is also demanded from the nurse in registered hospital. Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia are very beneficent and provides many advantages just as accommodation, foods, transportation and laundry service. There are few common documents required from all nurses from all countries along with compulsory documents.
1. Valid passport of nurse, which is applying in Saudi Arabia.
2. Job offer letter from the employer or hospital in Saudi Arabia.
3. Attested copies of all academic and other professional documents.
4. Experience letter from hospital or institute.
5. Recent passport sized color photographs of applicant.
6. Detail curriculum vitae of candidate that provide basic information about applicant.
7. Medical fitness certificate from recommended hospital or clinic.
8. Proof of nationality in the form of national identity card.