Plumber jobs in Dubai 

Plumber jobs in Dubai 

Plumber jobs are very important in almost every building, institution and factory. Plumber installs pipes lines of gas, water and oil fields. Plumber jobs in Dubai are most demanded because this part of the world is dealing in oils and gas and that is why both these fields require a quality, experienced and knowledgeable plumber to repair pipelines. The plumber is responsible for repairing and maintenance of all concerned oil or gas pipeline within the premises. Plumbers hired from the oils and gas companies assign duties to plumber that they have to check the pipelines within their working areas and repair them if needed. Plumber also repairs and maintains all plumbing fixtures and sanitary connections in homes, hotels and factories. Moreover, plumbers provide services sewage systems, pumps, aerator installations etc. They also maintain hot and cold water supply at homes or offices. The plumber jobs are available both in full-time and part-time according to the need of institution. Plumber jobs in Dubai pay a sound salary package along with other benefits like free accommodation and food. Usually plumber draws 2,000 – 3,999 AED per month salary. However, Dubai companies and firm select the best applicant among application and take tests and interviews before hiring a person.

How to apply Plumber jobs in Dubai

Plumber jobs in Dubai usually advertised in famous news papers both in Arabic and English. These plumbers job are open for all nationality of the world, but the applicant must be experienced, skilled and aware about all emergency situations. The other main way to announced all these vacant positions are online service through website. The majority of top ranked firms have their own website and there is an option for the applicant that they can apply online by using provided application layout. However, applicant for these vacant positions from other part of the world can apply thorough postal service and for this they require hard attested copies of documents. Other selection criteria are also prevailing, which is through local recruiting agencies. In this way the local recruiting agency advertise these jobs in local news papers and conduct tests and interviews under the guideline of Dubai executives. The main objective of advertisement is to induct quality, skilled and experienced plumbers. Plumbers are awarded different types of tasks like operate gas, water or oils pipelines.This job is interested and it pay more besides the overtime earning.

Dubai Plumber jobs required documents.

Although this technical job does not require any specific training or diploma, but in some cases firms demand diploma.However, most of the time companies require secondary level or equivalent qualification. Applicant must have basic knowledge of English in written and speaking. Usually companies in Dubai demands at least three years experience in relevant field. The applicant can understand drawings to fabricate and carryout plumbing installations. There are some multinational companies in Dubai which tries to hire certified or diploma holder individual for their vacant position. However, experience in any national or multinational company in relevant capacity will be additional qualification. There are some basic documents for all applicants applying for plumber vacant position in Dubai.

  1. Valid job offer letter from the Dubai Company having details about job and salary package.
    2. Valid passport of applicant and must have at lest two blank pages in it.
    3. Curriculum vitae of candidate that provide all basic information about applicants.
    4. Recent passport sized color photographs of candidate.
    5. Attested copies of all academic and other documents included experience certificate.
    6. Proof of nationality in the shape of national identity card.
    7. NOC from the ex employer.
    8. Medical fitness certificate from the Dubai hospital or clinic.