Student Visa For Australia 

Student Visa For Australia

Australia is now become the  favourite educational destination in the world. Students from all over the world tries to get admission in this part of the world. Australian government is spending a huge budget in education sector promotion. Australian educationists are very much keen to deliver world class education with modern methods and facilities. Students who are interested in Australian university or college must require a study visa to enter in this country. This student or study visa allows the student to stay temporarily in this country to complete his/her education. The student must positively represent that he is financially sounded and can bear the educational expenditure easily. Similarly he/she must prove that his/her qualifications or academic record support his admission in this country. He/she proves that he/she will afford all air travel expenditures, tuition fee, staying charges and other daily requirement.

Australian institutes demand different things in the form of academic documents. So English language proficiency is one of the important requirement for this admission and study visa. Student visa require valid IELTS with demanded score. IELTS is a condition for many universities and colleges in Australia and for this there are hundreds of coaching centers all over the world. This exams is conducted by the British council or Australian government. There are few other assessment about the student just as he/she must clear medical examination according to the DIAC instructions. It is also vital for the student that he/she must get a medical insurance under Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) prior to filing the visa application. Australian student visa require an eligibility assessment from the visa experts. Study visa can be issued according to seven sub classes-Independent ELICOS,Schools sector, Vocational education and training (VET) sector, Higher education sector, Masters and Doctorate sector, Non-award foundation studies/other sector, and AusAID or Defense funded sector.

Student who is going to apply through the local Australian embassy or consulate situated in your native country then you can get the feedback within 24 hours from the Australian embassy or consulate. The student can get updated information online through the Visa Entitlement Verification Online System (VEVOS). The Australian student visa processing fee is must for all applicant and for this the candidate will deposit application fee of 450$. The candidate from the Pakistan will submit student visa application directly in Adelaide Offshore Student Processing Centre (AOSPC) instead of local embassy in native country. The foreign students whose age is under eighteen must have a neighboring guardian in Australia. The students who are on student visa in Australia can work, but not more than twenty hours in a single week. However, this is only for the students who got their visa after April 26th 2008. Foreign student who are doing job in Australia under this facility must get tax file number form the Australian Tax department.

Students who got his/her visa will obey all the rules and regulation of the Australian government during the study period. There are few common limitations of student visa.1. It is compulsory for the students that he/she must have more than 80% attendance per week. If the attendance is under the requirement without medical report, then the immigration may terminate your visa.2. Students are not permitted to work more than twenty hours in a week.3. The student cannot change the education institute initial one year of studies.4. The student must provide their residential address to institute during the first week of entry in Australia and in case of changing staying then it must be informed to relevant authority.5. The student cannot stay in this country after visa expiry unless you apply for a renewal.

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