work visa Sri lanka

Sri lanka work visa

Sri Lanka is a island and it seems to be tear. It is located in the neighboring of India. This island has a natural vegetation and covered with coconut trees. This country earns huge capital by exporting seafood to other countries. Foreign workers who want to work in Sri Lanka requires a work visa, which is valid for one year or according to company agreement. The employee can renewed his work visa after maturity at the DI&E in Colombo. It is necessary for all workers that they must get a work visa before entering into this country. This visa can be acquired from the Sri Lankan embassy of your belonging country. After entering into this country, the applicant can apply for resident visa if required. Sri Lanka has limited paid jobs, but has some voluntary jobs just as elephant and turtle conservation.
Sri Lankan paid jobs are rare for overseas employees, but there are few segments in which jobs are available like tourism industry and hotel industry. However, Sri Lanka has some main or prime industries like rubber industry, tea processing, coconuts dispatching and packing, clothing and textiles manufacturing, tobacco collection and grading, insurance and banking, Information Technology, telecommunications, tourism, agricultural, shipping and petroleum refining. In this country, there are hundreds of national and multinational companies which are operating throughout the country. The working schedule in this country is from Monday to Friday while working hours are from 9am to 5pm.
Sri Lankan vacant position in different categories are advertised in leading newspapers and online websites. Usually applicant apply online for these vacant position, but they can also end their application through postal or courier service. It is necessary to attach all concerned documents along with application and detailed curriculum vitae of the applicant. Sri Lanka is strict about work visa policy so it is necessary that arrange your job before the departure to Sri Lanka. The interview for the awarding the work visa is similar as other foreign embassy takes. Although foreign qualified are preferred by employer in a Sri Lanka, but experience is also vital thing from overseas employees. This country provides an amazing working environment and salary package according to the rules and regulation of this country.
Sri Lanka works visa process is divided into three steps. Initially employee will receive entry visa from the Department of Immigration in Colombo. This entry visa is confirmed from the nearby Sri Lanka Diplomatic mission and then depart to Sri Lanka. Then, receive employment visa from the Department of Immigration in Colombo. The foreign employee require a valid job offer letter from the employer in Sri Lanka. Employer arrange entry visa for the employee from the Department of Immigration and pay fee on the behalf of the employee. The employer in Sri Lanka will be the sponsor and responsible of the foreign employee in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan working visa demands some basic required documents from all employees from other countries of the world. All documents must be attested and in English.
1. Applicant must submit a dully signed and filled application form to work visa.
2. A valid job offer letter from the Sri Lankan employer which contains term and job description.
3. A copy of visa recommendation letter from Board of Investment or labor ministry.
4. Attested, copies of applicant passport which should be valid and its validity should be at least six months.
5. A receipt of visa processing fee for the work visa.
6. Attested copies of all academic and other relevant documents of applicant.
7. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital or clinic.
8. Security clearance certificate from the native country of the applicant.